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925 Sterling Silver Amber Ring

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Honey Amber Gemstone Silver Ring

This is a striking statement ring. An adjustable large silver ring inset with a beautiful sparkling color Baltic amber gemstone. Oval shape is natural and un fussy Decorative swirls of 925 Sterling compliment and enclose the gem.

925 Sterling Silver Adjustable Band
Amber Ring 8.8g
Dimensions of Amber; 24mm X 16mm
Shape: Oval
Size: Adjusts up from US Size 6.5 to 7.5
Certificate of amber authenticity from International Amber Association
Genuine Baltic Amber,

It is strong yet flexible and stands out from the crowd. Genuine Baltic honey amber stone that sparkles effortlessly. This ring demands attention, as it sits high off the finger.
An advantage as a gift ring is this ring has a adjustable band. This ring can fit a range of finger sizes as it is adjustable. You can see from the pictures that the band is not closed. It has an opening at the top, under the gem. This allows it to be opened and made to a larger size to make a comfortable fit. The band is strong. The design makes it a very comfortable ring. The picture above show it on a ladies finger. One-of-a-kind ring - what you see is what you get!

Here is a link to help with sizes !