Just Made Golden Amber Tear Drop Gemstone

About amber:
Amber is the gemstone to hold because of it's warmness. Born as the resin of ancient trees, fossilised over 40 million years, it is natural and compelling to hold. Used since the Stone Age for its healing and magical abilities. It has been mounted into armor, amulets, jewelry, bed posts, garments and stone altars for millennia. Ancient people thought amber to be solidified droplets of sunlight, petrified honey, the tears of gods, and liquefied gold. Because amber is an organic material, coming from trees, it is not technically a crystal gemstone but its solidified form and palpable energy and healing gives it it's special wonder. Each piece is unique and different. It is an incredible substance that will add a new level of wonder to your life.

Breathtaking !!! This is the only one made.. never to be copied. This Amber will arrive with a Certificate of Authenticity.
I really hope the photos show how Beautiful this Pendant really is...
Delightful Honey Teardrop Baltic Amber Gem on 925 Sterling Silver Bail Hung on a Choice of Cotton wax cord or 925 Silver Chain. Light reflecting dazzling golden honey Baltic amber gemstone pendant.

This is a pretty classic amber pendant necklace made with a light clear Baltic Amber gem. The bail is .925 silver,
Teardrop Amber Pendants are always in style and fashionable. This radiant hand polished amber stone has internal flecks and reflects the light. A wonderful gemstone jewelry piece to add to the most eclectic natural jewelry collection. Unique and natural, classic and timeless pendant. A Baltic Beauty! A perfect gift, packaged in its own gift box.

Eco Cord adjustable from 45cm to 50cm or 925 Sterling silver chain.
If you prefer a sterling silver chain just leave a note 40cm,45cm,50cm,55cm.

Amber Size approx:
Height: 59mm
Width: 26mm
Depth: 15mm
Weight: 10.7g