10 pieces Polished Amber Stone

Crafters and Collectors pieces

We can drill a hole free of charge just leave a note.

Amber is a stone of ancient forests and prehistoric times. Amber is a warm gemstone and known to help relieve pain and to boost the immune system. It has a lovely energy. This large gemstone makes an ideal meditation stone. Can be used as a pocket or worry stone or a chakra stone. Smooth, light and warm to the touch.
Feel the weight of time in your hand, knowing this piece is yours and yours alone, in a world where everything can be made the same…… everything except Amber !!!

Average Size per piece: 27mm X 20mm - guidance only.
Baltic amber. 40 to 90 million years old
Collection of all 10 pieces included in the SALE
Average Weight 2g each.
Total weight for all 10 pieces 20.6g
SALE SALE 10 pieces Amber Tumbled Stone.

Only one set so the 10 in the photo are the 10 you get..........

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