Crafters polished gemstone Meditation Amber

Eco Gift of 9 pieces Polished Amber Stone

Natural Amber Tumbled Standing Stones.......... Family of 9 pieces !!! Medetation Amber
Feel the weight of time in your hand, knowing this piece is yours and yours alone, in a world where everything can be made the same…… everything except Amber !!!

Raw Amber Baltic amber. 40 to 90 million years old
Collection of 9 pieces SALE Average Weight 4.2g each.
Total weight for 9 pieces 37.8g
All 9 Included in Price.
Avarage size: L 38mm X W 16mm X D 9mm Each piece is unique,
Only 1 lot available so the one in the photo is what you get !!!

Lovely gift / or any special occasion.
These gemstone and lovely to hold. It has a lovely energy.
Meditation///Crafters pieces.