Raw Amber Necklace

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Featuring natural unpolished amber from Baltic sea threaded on cotton.  A best seller.

  • Weight 11.20g
  • Size 46 cm / 18 inch
  • Bead size Approx 11mm X 6mm 38 beads approx.
  • Screw Clasp Closure

The amber beads used in this necklace are known as raw.  They are as close to their natural state as possible, not heat treated, processed or polished.  They are not polished to a high sheen like some other necklaces so will act against the skin quickly to give as much healing benefit as possible.  They are dry and a little porous and irregular.  Each colour is as good as the next for healing, the key is to leave it against the skin all the time.  The shades are natural and may differ a little from the photo.  The beads on this necklace are larger than most.