Large Worry Stone for Stress Relief

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This Amber will arrive with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Something unique for Christmas.

This Amber will arrive with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Xmas Gift. each are unique and may differ a little.

Feel the Healing Energy of Baltic amber.
Amber makes a wonderful calming worry stone because, unlike mineral crystals, it is light and warm to the touch. They are not a perfect shape as each is unique and a little quirky, natural and comforting. Ideal for use in meditation and mindfulness, as a gift to help ease stress, promote calmness and to help aid restful sleep. Use as an affirmation prompt. Useful to break annoying bad habits like nail biting. Light enough to keep in the pocket, beside your easy chair or under the pillow.
Each is packaged with a card explaining how it is to be used and the benefits so it makes a perfect gift for a family member going through a stressful time.

Each is selected for it's natural shape, it's size and smoothness and relative flat shape to make them good to hold in the hand. Amber is not as perfectly polished as a hard crystal. They can include quirks and dimples, showing the natural origin as tree resin.

All are approx 75mm x 43mm X 17mm
Weigh 27g