ECO Delivery Now Available

Eco Delivery 

Direct to your Door by Electric Power in Ireland 

Do you worry about delivery vans driving across our country roads burning fossil fuels and contributing to global warming?  We do!  That is why we have always used An Post, your local postmen who are travelling the roads with or without our packages. 

And now we have improved our ECO credentials in offering you a delivery service powered by electricity.  We have partnered with ECO Express here in Ireland.  Maybe you have seen their blue vans?  You won't have heard them because they are quiet!  All electric!  The first in Ireland. We are excited and delighted to offer you the option of having your eco amber delivered in an environmentally friendly and clean way.  Just click the dropdown for ECO Delivery at the checkout.  Next day delivery and email updates to.  

ECO delivery is just one part of our drive to do all we can to improve our eco credentials.  We use minimal packaging at all times - just enough to keep your purchase safe during delivery.  Our envelopes are given the FSC stamp and are recyclable.  Our paper is made from agricultural waste - sugarcane to be precise.  We use biodegradable wrappers made from cornstarch and our tissue paper is acid free and unbleached.  Plus new FSC certified jewellery boxes are in the pipeline.