2 X Amber Amulet Gift for Wellness One Each

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Polished Tumbled Gem Necklace for Protection

Only one set available.

Fantastic Eco Gift......Handmade Amulet....The Cord is suitable for Vegans.
Great value the price is for the 2 Amulets.
2 X Amber Amulet Gift for Wellness One Each.
Gemstone Amulet Necklace on adjustable animal free cord suitable for vegans.
Unique Amber Amulet on Eco Cord. Protection Amulet for men or women.
This Amber Amulet is timeless. It harks back to the simplicity of amber amulets worn in Roman times. The piece is irregular and natural with variations of colour. Hung simply on a cord looped through a hole in the amber, adjustable to your own length from 45cm to 60cm.

Weight: 3g approx each.
Size of Amber: 30mm X 20mm approx.
Lovely Amulet,22.00 one each for Christmas or anytime.

Good as a charm to help protect you at any time. Amber has long been known as a talisman against evil. Will make your look complete.

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