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3 X Gemstone Inclusions

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Great value. Collectors Unique Gift.....This Amber will arrive with a Certificate of Authenticity.
3 X 40 million year old fly Inclusion in Baltic Tree Resin.

All 3 included in the price !!!!!
Approx 2.2g each small.

Wonderful Baltic Amber with fossil insect inclusion.
Each size approx.
Height; 25mm
Width 15mm
Depth: 10mm only approx.

Total Weight for 3 pieces 6.6g.

Take a few moments to Loose Yourself in its Beauty, Age and Uniqueness. Watch the Light Reflected through 40 million year old Fossiled Baltic Tree Resin, and, as a result feel Calmer and more grounded in an ever increasing ,more demanding world.
Polished real genuine organic Baltic amber stone with real insect inclusion. Baltic Amber stone have a 40 mill years old. Amber with insects is very rare and unique thing. This amber stone was polished very gentleness so you can see it natural form as it was from prehistoric age.
This unique amber is intended for special gifts and for collections. Also it can be used for various handwork.