40 Million year old Amber Tumbled Stone

This Large piece is total unique with 8mm hole. A great gift.
Meditation Amber Tumbled Stone, Crafters Dream.

This unique amber stone has a wonderful shape to fit in the hand. It is like clear honey in which pieces of the ancient forest have become trapped and preserved forever. Amber is warm and light to hold. It is ideal for use as a meditation stone or for use as a chakra stone or for mindfulness practice. Amber is a stone of ancient forests and prehistoric times. This is a warm gemstone and lovely to hold. It has a lovely energy.
Perfect for a pendant, amulet etc...

Amber Size
Height; 121mm
Width; 39mm
Depth: 29mm
Weight : 60.80g
All Amber pieces are unique so the one in the photo will always be the one you get !!!!!!!!
This Amber will arrive with a Certificate of Authenticity. Fantastic gift.

All our amber stones are he genuine Baltic Amber, and each piece is hand picked on our trips to the Baltic region of Europe. We are experienced Amber merchants, established 14 years. We post worldwide everyday. Our reputation is important to us so we supply the best items at fair prices and want every customer to be happy.