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40 million year old Insect Inclusion in Amber

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All Our Amber is 100% Baltic Amber, We are an approved company of the INTERNATIONAL AMBER ASSOCIATION.

40 Million year Old Baltic Amber with Insect Inclusion. Great special offer and Gift for Christmas.

Would make a class Large Amulet. We can drill a hole free of charge and make one if you like you can choose at the checkout.

This Amber Gem is so unique. A yellow color in which you can see an insect. It has a wonderful depth. This Amber stone has a wonderful shape to fit in the hand. It is like honey in which pieces of the ancient forest have become trapped and preserved forever. Amber is warm and light to hold. It is ideal for use as a meditation stone or for use as a chakra stone or for mindfulness practice.
Amber is a stone of ancient forests and prehistoric times. .

Amber Size
Height; 30mm
Width; 18mm
Depth: 11mm
Weight : 4g Small piece