48.80g Large Baltic Amber Collector's Piece

Unique Unique Unique.. Would would make a great paperweight for the office.
A one off piece - the piece in the photo is the one you get.
Lovely gift for any special occasion

Amber Size: Approx.
Height; 52mm -
Width; 40mm
Depth: 34mm
Weight : 48.80g This Amber will arrive with a Certificate of Authenticity. Fantastic gift.

A most intriguing large amber gem. At 101.80g in weight, it's our largest gem currently in stock. Difficult to get the photo's to do justice to this piece. It can many layers and deserve close inspection to see the life within. It's like peering into the the depths of history. Very suitable for a gem or rock collector, geologist or student of palaeontology. It is smooth and polished but retains its natural look with the lines and spots not polished away. Amber is a stone of ancient forests and prehistoric times. A lovely pieces to display or for carving. Meditation Stone.

**We are experienced amber merchants, established 14 years. Recently gained International Amber Association membership. We deal only in genuine Baltic Amber