48g Museum Collector's gem

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Collector's gem With a 60 milion year old 4 X Insect Inclusion

It's really is difficult to explain how unique this piece is. Truly Breathtaking.
Immerse yourself in a Forgotten time, 60 million year old insect inclusion....
This is truly a collectors piece Unusual to have 4 insect in the same piece !!!

We guarantee 100% satisfaction !!!!!!!!!!!! If you don't love this piece 100% money back.
Each piece is Special but this is really Special........
The piece in the photo is the one you get !!!

Amber Size approx.
Height; 94mm
Width; 32mm
Depth: 26mm
Weight : 48.2g

Would make a perfect Gift.
This is a large unique amber stone with insect inclusion. It is like honey in which pieces of the ancient forest have become trapped and preserved forever. Amber is warm and light to hold. With a insect trapped inside. Amber is a stone of ancient forests and prehistoric times. This is a warm gemstone and lovely to hold.