Adjustable Bracelet

Adjustable Tidy Bracelet 

This adjustable Gemstone Bracelet can be used as a calming, anti anxiety, stress relief remedy.  Tidy and Discrete. 

Adjustable bracelet 17cm to 22cm approx
Color: Honey or White
Weight: 2 grams approx
Gem size: 20mm X 12mm each approx.
Amber: Baltic Amber

Choose from honey and white. Suitable for all the family, especially for school going children. Each bracelet is unique and may differ a little from the photo.

Amber is a warm lightweight resin gemstone. It came as tree resin, 40 million years ago and has been fossilized to the gem we know today.  It has been used as a protection and healing stone for millennia. Well known to ease stress and aid restful sleep.