Baltic Amber Bracelet

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Shaped and polished beads give this bracelet it's smart look.  

This Amber will arrive with a Certificate of Authenticity.
This is a striking Amber Bracelet. It has a classic oval shape and the honey color is traditionally associated with amber. Each amber gem has internal speckles known as sun spangles, which makes the gem sparkle in the light. It is a stylish yet natural and light statement bracelet. A true treasure.
And a true unique Gift.

Length: 18.5cm // 7.4 inch
Weight: 35g. approx
Color: light honey
9 Amber Pieces
Amber size; 23mm X 18mm approx

All our amber jewelry is made from Baltic amber beads, hand-picked on our travels to the Baltic Sea.
Baltic amber beads are well known for their healing benefit when placed against the skin. They can ease pain and inflammation associated with many chronic pain conditions. Also known to help sleep and skin problems.

We have sold and got feedback from many, many customers over 13 years and are leading experts in amber jewellery. If you would like to know more about our Baltic amber jewelry and how it can help, please get in touch. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you.

Feel the weight of time in your hand, knowing this piece is yours and yours alone, in a world where everything can be made the same…… everything except Amber !!!

Baltic amber is an organic substance, a “fossil resin” produced by pine trees which grew in Northern Europe. It have been used in ancient medicine for thousands of years. Natural Baltic amber is considered the very finest and most therapeutic amber in the world. Amber is renowned for its pain easing, rejuvenating and vitality boosting effects as well as its ability to help protect against illness. It is appreciated by those looking for natural beauty and health. Amber is a powerful healer and cleanser of the body.

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