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Baltic Amber Insect Pendant

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Honey Baltic Amber Pendant featuring a 40 million years old Insect Inclusion.  Genuine Natural Specimen. Clear Amber Fossil.

This is a special Amber Pendant. All amber jewellery is unique because each piece is fossilized resin made by ancient trees. Amber has the unique capacity to preserve fragile life that is millions of years old, opening a special window into the past.  When each piece of amber is first inspected by experts, the first thing that is looked for are inclusions - tiny insects that got trapped in the resin as it flowed 40 million years ago.  This light honey coloured Amber Pendant contains such tiny preserved life.  Although tiny, it is visible to the naked eye. This would make a truly unique gift or treasure piece for yourself!  Hung simply on a Sterling Silver bail.  Sterling Silver Chain included.

Weight:  ~4.9g.
Size approx: 34mm X 17mm X 12mm.

Pick any size chain at no extra charge; 40cm 45cm 50cm 55cm and 60cm.

Please note that it is not in the nature of amber to be perfect.  They include lines and spots, specks, colouration and inclusions, layers and lines, included  as the resin flowed from the tree 40 million years ago. These quirks are to be appreciated as natural phenomena, not seen as faults. They are as they come from nature.