Butter Drop Pendant Necklace

Gold Plated Silver Pendant

Royal Amber Pendant / Amber Jewelry/Class large drop Amber pendant/Natural Baltic Amber/Yellow Amber
Large Amber Pendant Necklace/Massive Amber Gemstone Pendant Genuine Baltic Amber/Royal Yellow Color...
Length: 48cm.
Drop size: 53mm X 29 Large.
50 amber beads on chain 6.5mm X 6.5mm each
Weight: ~30g
Gem: Natural Baltic Amber.
Be in time for a exclusive gift.

This is a pretty classic amber pendant necklace made with Baltic Amber gem. Amber Pendants are always in style and fashionable. This radiant hand polished amber stone has internal flecks and reflects the light . A wonderful gemstone jewelry piece to add to the most eclectic jewelry collection. Unique and natural, a perfect gift, packaged in its own gift box.