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Collector's gem With 40 Million Year Old Insect Inclusion

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Large Amber Gem Inclusion

A quality gift for a David Attenborough fan. Great clarity in this gem with unique 4 X Insects in this one piece.

A insect fossil trapped in Baltic amber. This fostered his first interest in the natural world and fossils and evolution. The insect inclusion as in the Jurassic Park movie series story. Like a window into the past.

I hope the photos show how special this piece really is..... Natural Amber Gemstone
This unique clear polished amber stone has a wonderful shape and quality. It is like clear honey in which pieces of the ancient forest have become trapped and preserved forever. It is quirky and unique with natural curves. Amber is a stone of ancient forests and prehistoric times. This is a warm gemstone and lovely to hold and comtemplate. A lifetime gift.

Amber Size approx..
Height; 48mm
Width; 12mm
Depth: 10mm
Weight : 5.8g

Please note it is not in the nature of amber to be perfect. They include lines and spots, specks, coloration and inclusions, included as the resin flowed from the tree 40 million years ago. These quirks are to be appreciated as natural phenomena, not seen as faults. These gems have been heat treated to increase the clarity and make less brittle. Amber is totally unlike mineral crystals in feel and appearance.