Colorful Amber Bead Necklace

Quality Baltic Amber Beads in warm colors to boost your mood.


  • Necklace Length: 50cm / 55cm / 60cm
  • Aprox. Weight 12g
  • Colour Multi colour and beads.
  • Clasp: Screw

A quality beaded necklace of Baltic Amber for a lady.  When worn against the skin, amber is well known to boost the mood and promote well being.  Can ease the pain of chronic conditions and aid restful sleep. And it looks good too! This is a substantial necklace, but light and comfortable to wear.

All our amber jewelry is made from Baltic amber beads, hand-picked on our travels to the Baltic Sea.
Baltic amber beads are well known for their healing benefit when placed against the skin. They can ease pain and inflammation associated with many chronic pain conditions. Also known to help with sleep and skin problems.

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