25 Piece Raw Amber Stone

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25 Piece Raw Amber Stone

65g in total

Amber is a stone of ancient forests and prehistoric times. Amber is a warm gemstone and known to help relieve pain and to boost the immune system. It has a lovely energy. These gemstones makes ideal meditation stones. Can be used as a pocket or worry stone or a chakra stone. Smooth, light and warm to the touch.

All our amber is genuine Baltic Amber, and each piece is hand picked on our trips to the Baltic region of Europe. We are experienced Amber merchants, established 14 years. We post worldwide everyday. Our reputation is important to us so we supply the best items at fair prices and want every customer to be happy.

Baltic amber. 40 to 90 million years old
- Average Weight 2g to 3g

Average Size per piece: 30mm X 22mm - this is a guide only as all are unique and different.
Every set are unique and may differ from the photo but not much.