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Cylinder and Bead Bracelet

Contrasting shapes give this bracelet it's distinctive masculine style.  

This Natural Baltic Amber Bracelet would make an ideal gift for the man in your life. It is made using cylinder shaped pieces of amber, threaded on elastic. The shape of the amber gems used give it it's masculine style. It has a rustic finish to appeal to gents who may not like a highly polished shiny beaded bracelet. The inclusion of irregular cylinder shape show it's natural origin. Baltic Amber is well known to ease pain and inflammation and promote well being. A natural alternative. Masculine, chunky, irregular and rustic are all words I would use for this bracelet.

Colours: Honey/Cognac
Length: 18cm / 7.1 inch
Weight: ~12g
Shape: Rustic semi finished Cylinder beads alternated with small beads
This Amber will arrive with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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