Flexible Spring Memory Wire Anxiety Bracelet

This Stacked Bangle is flexible to fit any size.   

Ready to be Shipped today.
Length approx: 18cm circumference, but this can stretch and adjust to suit any wrist.
Color: Cognac. All natural Baltic Amber.
Please note that because amber is a natural gem, colours and shading may differ slightly from photo above.

Multicoloured Baltic Amber Bead Bracelet on Memory Wire. A flexible bangle style statement bracelet. Stacking style all in one! Teen Gift, perfect to ease stress for students. This is a very comfortable wrapped bracelet that wraps around the wrist and moves as you move.

This bracelet features 3 strands of Amber beads so packs quite a punch. Not only a fashion statement, this bracelet can also have health enhancing benefits when worn continually. Baltic Amber is well renowned as a natural pain reliever and anti-inflammatory. It can help in repetitive strain injuries, arthritis, accidental damage to muscles and joints. It can also bring more restful sleep. Amber is well known to protect the wearer from our electromagnetic environment. It can bring better more restful sleep and you may notice a calmer disposition.