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Baltic Amber 925 Silver Pendant

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Special offer.

This Amber will arrive with a Certificate of Authenticity, Gift.

This pendant pairs a modern sleek silver setting with a classic teardrop gemstone. This very high quality piece of jewellery will make a gorgeous gift.

Chain length: Choose from 40cm to 60cm 925 Sterling Silver Chain.
Amber Size
Height; 30mm
Width; 36mm
Depth: 7mm
Weight : 8.5g

This is a truly spectacular and extremely elegant amber pendant. Made from the finest tear drop cognac amber stone set in a 925 Sterling Silver, this gemstone pendant would make a perfect gift for any stylish woman. The pendant features a beautifully bulbous, cognac amber stone - which is polished. This stone boasts breathtaking flakes and internal detail which catch the light just perfectly. The design is finished.

**We are experienced amber merchants, established 14 years.

**Ben, this shop owner, recently gained International Amber Association membership. We deal only in genuine Baltic Amber