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Green Amber and Silver Pendant

Green Amber Pendant

A quality pendant featuring a sparkling green amber gem set in a modern sterling silver setting

  • Sterling Silver
  • Chain length: 40cm to 50cm
  • Height; 42mm
  • Width; 23mm
  • Depth: 11mm
  • Weight : 8.8g.
  • Certificate of Authenticity.

This Green Baltic Amber Pendant Necklace makes a natural statement. A hand shaped amber gem is set in a modern sterling silver setting. Hung on a chain length of your choice. A lovely warm color gem striking green pendant necklace with sparkles within to dazzle and delight. An unusual natural pendant gift. Silver Jeweler.
Love, strength, luck and healing properties are all associated with amber, and it has been used for adornment for centuries.

All our amber is genuine Baltic Amber, and each piece is hand picked on our trips to the Baltic region of Europe. We are experienced Amber merchants, established 14 years, now a recommended shop of the International Amber Association.  We post worldwide everyday. Our reputation is important to us so we supply the best items at fair prices and want every customer to be happy.

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