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Grounding Gemstone Amulet

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This pendant is shaped from a single amber gem.  The inverted teardrop is shaped to a point.  The warm smooth feel and shape lends itself to be held in the hand as a grounding aid.  The flat shape on the back leads it to rest strongly against the chest when worn and gives a very powerful grounding connection to the earth.     
  • Eco Cotton Cord from 40cm to 65cm // 16 inches to 25 inches
  • Amber Size: Height; 62mm
  • Width; 34mm
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Weight : 20g.
This Baltic Amber Amulet Pendant Necklace makes a natural statement.  A hand shaped amber gem is hung on a cotton wax Eco cord.  A lovely warm color, the flat shape rests against the chest at whatever length you like as the  cord is adjustable from.  It feels wonderfully warm and comforting to wear.   Suitable for men or women.  
Love, strength, luck and healing properties are all associated with amber, and it has been used for adornment for centuries.