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Honey Pandora Charm Donut Amulet Pendant

Pandora Donut Amulet...on a 925 sterling silver chain.

Pandora Bead of Baltic Amber. Special Offer for Christmas. 100% Natural Amber Gemstone Pendant Gift.

925 sterling silver chain 40cm to 60cm. You choose.

Color: Natural Honey Amber.
Weight:  2.5 grams approx
Gem size:  11mm X 11mm approx.
Amber:  Baltic Amber.
Each is unique and may differ a little but not much.

Pandora Beads are always in style and fashionable. A wonderful gemstone jewelry piece to add to the most eclectic natural jewelry collection.  Unique and natural, classic and timeless pendant.  A Baltic Beauty!  A perfect gift, as a pendant it is packaged in its own gift box.