Pair of Amber Gemstones - Sharing gift

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Pair of Amber Gemstones - Sharing Gift

This pair of amber gemstones are a lovely gift to share when apart.  Connecting you to nature and to each other.  2 X Meditation Stones - one each.  Amber has long been used for Amber for Luck and Protection.  These are Beautiful pieces to hold when apart. The make a perfect pocket stone. 

  • Piece one: 6g / Size H 43mm X W 18mm X D 12mm
  • Piece two: 6.8g / Size H 44mm X W 20mm X D 14mm.
  • Total weigh for two pieces 12.8g
  • Lovely gift to cement your bond
  • Meditation Stones.

This set of two Baltic Amber Gem stones is a perfect gift for you and your girlfriend or boyfriend or as long distance couples gift. Keeping these tumbled Amber stones close to you, will keep you safe and healthy and remind you both of your bond for each other.