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Speckled Green Amber Pendant.

Speckled Green Amber Pendant

You can see ancient life in this Speckled Green Amber Pendant.  The green hue comes from the speckles of organic material that became trapped in the resin as it flowed from the tree 40 million years ago.  A Intriguing amber in a pleasing balanced shape pendant. Connect with nature when you are wearing this green pendant.  

  • Amber Pendant Size approx
  • Height; 45mm
  • Width 17mm
  • Depth: 10mm
  • Weight : 4.3g
  • Sterling Silver Chain included at no extra cost.  
  • Each is unique, colours may differ slightly from photos. 

Please note that it is not in the nature of amber to be perfect.  They can include lines and spots, specks, coloration and inclusions, layers and lines, included  as the resin flowed from the tree 40 million years ago.  These quirks are to be appreciated as natural phenomena, not seen as faults.  These gems have been heat treated very gently to increase the clarity and make less brittle.  They are as they come from nature.