Spiral Cage Pendant

Silver Cage Coil Spiral filled with Genuine Amber Gems. Min 5 Gems in each coil. Ideal grounding necklace. Amber is the crystal resin of ancient trees so it is firmly connected to earth and life. Amber comes naturally in a range of colors from clear yellow, through amber to dark brown. We select a few different colors to fill these spirals. The spirals are strong.

Sterling Silver Chain - different length options.
Certificate of Amber Authenticity with each purchase.
Spiral Size: 30mm x 25mm
Weight : 4g

This Baltic Amber Pendant Necklace makes a natural statement. Amber is lightweight so this pendant will feel different to other gemstone pendants. It feels wonderfully warm and comforting to wear. Love, strength, luck and healing properties are all associated with amber, and it has been used for adornment for centuries.