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Unique Bracelet Only One Available

Perfect Bracelet

This Amber will arrive with a Certificate of Authenticity

Bead Colour: Antique Yellow
Size of Bracelet 18cm // 7.1 inch
15 Pieces
Weight: 11.38g
Bead Dimensions: 12mm X 9mm
Bead Shape: Polished cylinder.
Threaded on Cotton Elastic

This delightful Hand carved Amber Bracelet will delight the discerning amber jewelry seeker. A classic shaped piece in the most treasured colour of antique yellow amber. This is genuine Baltic amber Jewelry of distinction. The Pure Amber pieces are polished and shaped to cylinders. Although a large statement piece, it is deceptively comfortable to wear. Pure luxury!

40 million year old Baltic Amber. Feel the weight of time in your hand, knowing this piece is yours and yours alone, in a world where everything can be made the same…… everything except Amber.