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Unique Natural Pendant of 40 Million Year Baltic Amber.

This warm yellow Baltic Amber Silver Pendant Necklace makes a natural statement.

Certificate is not general but is  particular to this piece of amber from the International Amber Association.

A Class Christmas Gift.
It is numbered and listed in the IAA database.
A most Special Gift Wedding gift, birthday gift or any special occasion.

The chain length: 40cm to 60cm.
Amber Pendant Size approx
Height; 45mm
Width 20mm
Depth: 9mm
Weight : 14.50g

Egg Yolk Amber Pendant With Certification from International Amber Association.  
This is a wonderfully warm Amber Pendant in a much revered Butterscotch color.  The silver setting give it a vintage antique appearance yet it is classic art-deco.  Intriguing and fascinating swirls of color hark it's natural origin.  An alluring piece for the gem connoisseur.  Wonderfully warm.  
This eye catching Baltic Amber Pendant necklace is made of an egg yolk color Baltic amber gem in a natural drop shape with a sterling silver decorative art deco bail and chain.

All our amber is genuine Baltic Amber, and each piece is hand picked on our trips to the Baltic region of Europe.  We are experienced Amber merchants, established 17 years.  We post worldwide everyday.  Our reputation is important to us so we supply the best items at fair prices and want every customer to be happy.
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