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Viking Amber Rune Gem Symbolize Journey

Viking Amber Rune Symbolize Journey. Healing Energy Amber Gemstone,

Quality Baltic Amber Gem carved with the rune character symbolising Strength. Runes are the written language of various ancient Germanic peoples, especially the Scandinavians and the Anglo-Saxons. Amber has been associated with protection for millenia.

Raido is the most significant rune for travel as that is exactly what it represents. Raido represents a journey. This can be a physical journey or a spiritual journey of awakening. Raido also symbolises evolution and putting things into perspective! These are two things that will almost certainly happen when travelling. This rune is all about movement, spontaneity, decision making and progress as we embark on our journey.

Amber Gemstone specially selected for their size to fit in the hand.
Special Offer. We can drill a hole and make a Amulet Free of charge you can choose at checkout.

Size 52mm X 26mm X 10mm.
Weight 9.4g Unique Only One available.

**It has a natural positive energy that brings a sense of calm.
**Use as a self care aid to ease anxiety and stress and aid restful sleep.
**Ideal for use in meditation and mindfulness, as a gift to help ease stress.
**Aid for grounding, balance and calmness
**Each is packaged with a card explaining how it is to be used and the benefits so it makes a perfect gift for a family member going through a stressful time.

Chosen to fit in the palm of the hand. They are not a perfect shape but each is unique and a little quirky, natural and comforting.