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Viking Amber Rune Pendant Growth Symbol

Viking Amber Rune Pendant Symbolize Growth. Charm Carved Wood Rune With Baltic Amber.

The Berkana rune is a symbol of fertility, regeneration, growth and completion. It is represented by a birch tree, or berkana, and is an ancient symbol found in many cultures. The symbol is associated with the Norse goddess Frigg, and is said to represent the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth.

Viking runes are a type of runic writing used by the Vikings during the 9th to 11th centuries. They were usually carved on wood, stone, gemstones and bone objects such as crosses or swords. The inscriptions often included magical symbols and words meant to protect the owner from harm, enable them to find their way in the darkness, or bring good luck.

Quality Baltic Amber Gem carved with the Rune character symbolizing Growth. Hung on cord to make natural Eco statement jewelry. Runes are the written language of various ancient Germanic peoples, especially the Scandinavians and the Anglo-Saxons. Amber has been associated with protection for millennia.

Adjustable Eco Cord from 40cm to 65cm // 16 inches to 25 inches
Color: Natural Light amber
Weight: ~3.4grams
Pendant size: H 48mm X W 19mm D 5mm approx
Amber: Small Pieces.