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Worry Stone - Small

Worry Stone - Small

A smooth amber stone to relieve stress and anxiety.

The warm comforting feeling of this ancient natural resin against the skin acts to naturally calm the body and senses and restore balance and well being.  Used throughout history as an effective holistic aid. Treat your worries with this natural solution. Relaxation and meditation aid for children and adults. An ideal small pocket stone.


  • meditation and mindfulness,
  • to help ease stress,
  • promote calmness and to
  • help aid restful sleep

They are a natural shape and each is unique and a little quirky.  Amber is light enough to keep in the pocket, beside your easy chair or under the pillow. Each is packaged with a card explaining how amber can be used and the benefits so it makes a perfect gift for a family member going through a stressful time.  

As every gem is unique, yours may differ slightly from the photos. Each is selected for it's natural shape, it's size and smoothness to make them ideal to hold and rub.
All are approx 35mm x 20mm and weigh approx 3-4g.  A lovely pocket stone. 

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