3 X Quirky Amber Amulets. All 3 Amulets Included

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3 Natural Quirky Amber Amulets, All Included In This Offer. 100% Handmade. Natural Baltic Amber Amulets.

Experience the timeless beauty of Baltic amber with these exquisite handmade amulet pendants. Each piece is carefully crafted to showcase the natural allure of genuine Baltic amber, known for its warm hues and captivating inclusions.  They feel wonderfully warm and comforting to wear. Suitable for men or women.

Weight for 3 Amulets: 10.6g = 2.5g Each approx.
Each Amulet size approx.
Length: 33mm
Width: 22mm
Depth: 10mm
Amber: Baltic Amber
Special Offer All 3  Amulets Included In The Price.
As pictured - The Amulets in the photos are the ones you get