Calming Stone Bracelet on Paracord

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Paracord Bracelets are all the rage with guys just now.  Strong and tough like your man! 

Adjustable bracelet 17cm to 22cm approx
Color: Natural Light amber honey.
Weight: 6g grams approx
Gem size: Minimum 27mm X 19mm X 15mm each approx...
Amber: Baltic Amber
Each bracelet are unique and may differ a little from the photo but not much.

Amber is a warm lightweight resin gemstone. It came as tree resin, 40 million years ago and has been fossilized to the gem we know today. Amber is different from other crystal gemstones because it is warm to touch. This makes it ideal for use as a pocket stone, worry stone and in the use of mindfulness. It has been used as a protection and healing stone for millennia.

Genuine Baltic Amber gemstone with Certificate of Authenticity
Suitable for men or women or children.