Viking Amber Rune Symbol of Fertility Amulet

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Viking Amber Rune Symbol of Fertility Amulet.

Viking runes are a type of runic writing used by the Vikings during the 9th to 11th centuries. They were usually carved on wood, stone, gemstones and bone objects such as crosses or swords. The inscriptions often included magical symbols and words meant to protect the owner from harm, enable them to find their way in the darkness, or bring good luck.

Size approx. 50mm X 20mm X 12mm.
Weight 7.1g Unique Only One available.

**It has a natural positive energy that brings a sense of calm.  
**Use as a self care aid to ease anxiety and stress and aid restful sleep.
**Ideal for use in meditation and mindfulness, as a gift to help ease stress.  
**Aid for grounding, balance and calmness
**Each is packaged with a card explaining how it is to be used and the benefits so it makes a perfect gift for a family member going through a stressful time.  
Chosen to fit in the palm of the hand.  They are not a perfect shape but each is unique and a little quirky, natural and comforting.  

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•    We travel to the Baltic to hand pick our specimens
•    We are an approved company of the INTERNATIONAL AMBER ASSOCIATION
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About amber:
Amber is the gemstone to hold because of it's warmness.  Born as the resin of ancient trees, fossilised over 40 million years, it is natural and compelling to hold.  Used since the Stone Age for its healing and magical abilities. It has been mounted into armor, amulets, jewelry, bed posts, garments and stone altars for millennia. Ancient people thought amber to be solidified droplets of sunlight, petrified honey, the tears of gods, and liquefied gold. Because amber is an organic material, coming from trees, it is not technically a crystal gemstone but its solidified form and palpable energy and healing gives it it's special wonder.  Each piece is unique and different.  It is an incredible substance that will add a new level of wonder to your life.

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