Insect In 40 million year old Baltic Amber !

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Special Offer Gift Insect in Baltic Amber Amulet, 40 million year old Insect in Amber Inclusion.
This Fossil Amulet Pendant is a natural Baltic Amber Gem, hand shaped and hung simply on an adjustable cotton cord. A super gift for a lover of trees, nature, archaeology and biology.
Inclusions are all the objects that are trapped in Amber when it flowed 40 million years ago. This pendant has a visible Insect.

This unique Baltic amber stone has a wonderful shape. It is like clear honey in which pieces of the ancient forest have become trapped and preserved forever. It is quirky and unique with natural curves. Amber is a stone of ancient forests and prehistoric times. This is a warm gemstone and lovely to hold. A lifetime gift.

Amber Size approx..
Height; 45mm
Width; 20mm
Depth: 11mm
Weight : 6.4g