Trio of Amber Gemstones to Share

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Style: Drill Make 3 X Amulets

Trio of Amber Gemstones to Share

A super sharing gift idea when you are separated from family and friends.  They will connect you across the miles. 

These 3 Amber Gemstones are perfect as a long distance connection gift. Keeping these tumbled Amber stones close to you, will keep you safe and healthy and remind you both of your bond for each other. They are from the earth, are natural and grounding.  These are beautiful pieces to hold in contemplation and meditation.

  • 3 X Meditation Worry Stones, one each.
  • All 3 pieces included in the price.
  • Weight and Size Approx.
  • Approx 22g each large pieces
  • Size: 70mm X 40mm X 15mm.
  • Total weight for 3 pieces 67g
  • We cam make to amulets

The feel of these two pieces are so warm you can meditate with them, keep them in your purse, pocket, man bag, put under your pillow at night to help with sleep. Use as a worry stone. Keeping Amber close by promotes well being. Holding in the hand at night can help sleep. Each Set are unique.