Hazelwood and Amber Anklet for Children

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Bracelet length: 13 cm

Hazelwood and Amber Anklet

This Hazelwood and Amber Anklet is available in a selection of sizes for children.  Hazelwood is a traditional natural treatment to bring relief to skin affected by eczema and dermatitis.  These quality beads are gently rounded so that they lay comfortably against the skin. This allows maximum contact and maximum effectiveness.  Available in a selection of sizes.  Please measure to ensure a good safe fit. Suitable as a bracelet or anklet.  

  • Bead Shape:   Naturally shaped beads
  • Bead Colour: Honey
  • Length: 13cm - 16cm.  See our Size Guide.
  • Clasp: Plastic Screw
  • Bead Size:  6mm
  • Certificate of Amber Authenticity
  • We also have a Hazelwood Necklace available
  • Suitable as an Anklet or a Bracelet for Children

Hazelwood is an ancient home remedy native to native Americans.   It creates a more alkaline environment in the body when in contact with the skin.  It is known to  help prevent and remedy many of the symptoms caused by high acidity. Particularly skin conditions. It may have a high antioxidant effect. 

Read more about Hazelwood.  

Not suitable for children under 3 years.  Small parts. 

Please do not take this as medical advice. Please consult a medical professional.