Anklet Size Guide for Children

Guide to choosing your anklet size.

What size anklet do you need?

There is no reason you needed to know a child ankle size.  Until now! It is not true that there is an average size anklet.  So lets get to it and see how we can work this out. 

There is a reason you want a good fit for your anklet.  If it is too loose, it will  will fall down over the heel and likely get lose.  Too tight and it will not be comfortable.  

Before you purchase, we advise you to measure the ankle and then check our product details.  Have a look at the general guide below but please note ankle sizes vary like shoe sizes! 

Anklets can also be used as bracelets and worn on the wrist.  

How to measure

Measure against the skin, not with socks or tights on. Use a flat tape and place around the ankle, just above the ankle bone where you imagine the anklet will fit.  You need to order a little above a flat measurement, about 1 cm to 1.5 cm, to allow for the beads, a bit of movement and maybe a bit of growing room.   

For example: If you get a measurement of 14 cm snug, you'd need to order a 15 cm anklet.  

To see what these lengths will look and fit like on the wearer, you could use a  necklace with small beads and measure against the wearer and on a ruler.  You need to be able to put a little finger into the gap.  

If you don't have a tape, use a ribbon and ruler.  

We are a little generous with our fits.  A 15 cm anklet will measure on a ruler, not pulled taught, at 15 cm to 15.5 cm. 

Average Anklet Size Guide

Please take this average with a caution that when it comes to sizes, there is no average.   

12cm   Really tiny ankle

13cm  Tiny ankle fitting between closed finger and thumb

14cm  Getting a little bigger

15cm  Good mid size for 'standard' build ankle

16cm  Getting a bit bigger and filling out

17cm  Chunky ankle

18cm  Good size for a larger ankle, small adult ankle and 'standard' adult wrist

If you need any help to decide what length is best, please do not hesitate to get in touch 

This is a link to a youtube video of a lady measuring her ankle.  It might help to see the process in action.  Remember to add 1 cm to the length you get.  

It is no problem to exchange if you are not happy with the fit.