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Pendant collection

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Baltic Amber paired 925 Sterling Silver and filled 18ct gold.


Connect with nature through Baltic Amber gems,  the gift of 40 million year old trees.  Like nature itself, amber is a powerful healer and boost to the body, mind and spirit.  Feel the positive energy and revive your wellness for a brighter calmer future. 

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International Amber Association Certification - Amber SOS

International Amber Association Certification

We are so happy and proud to achieve recommended status and Certification of the International Amber Association.  This comes after much scrutiny by the organisation and confirms that the amber we offer meets all the criteria laid out by the IAA.  This is your guarantee that your amber gems and jewellery are authentic genuine Baltic Amber.  We remain under the supervision of the Association.  

The International Amber Association was founded in 1996.  It's active goals are to the promotion of amber and amber jewellery on an International stage, to disseminate knowledge and educate, protect against false classification, and cooperate in research and ensure sustainable development.  It has 350 individual members throughout the world: designers, jewellery producers, scientists, collectors, traders and people, like ourselves, passionate about amber.  Currently just 45 companies are Recommended Companies of the Association.  

To obtain certification for our company is a very proud moment for us.  It is recognition of the esteem with which our company is held in the amber community.  We are happy to provide proof of this certification with each purchase. Click to see our Certificate. 

We look forward to sharing and collaborating with the organisation and sharing more amber knowledge with you.  Join us in this journey by joining our newsletter list below.  Click to learn more about Baltic amber and the International Amber Association.   


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Amber Care Tip for Summer Days

Amber Care Tip for Summer Days

Amber Care Tip for Summer Days

We tell you that your amber beads work best for healing when worn all the time, day and night.  But summer days remind us that there is one time that its best to remove your amber beads - sun cream days.  There are a few reasons for this:

  1. The sun cream can coat your amber beads.  It is difficult to clean off as amber is best kept away from soaps also.  So the sun cream, and other skin care creams, will remain on the beads and inhibit the beneficial action against the skin. 
  2. The sun cream on your skin creates a barrier.  That's the intention - a protective barrier against the suns rays.   This barrier will also stop your amber from doing it's business.  
  3. Leave it at home - we often hear from customers that their amber beads got lost on days out.  Changes in our routine, packing, dressing for weather etc and with all the fussing over creams, the amber gets removed and 'stored safely' in a pocket or bag.  Later, the beads cannot be found!  So our advice is to leave it at home before setting out.  

There is no long-term loss if you amber is not worn for a few hours.  Yes, you may find symptoms return after a few hours.  But when it is put on again, it gets to work again fairly quickly.  So rather than damage it or loose it, its probably best to leave it at home. Just put it back on as soon as you can.   

To get more Amber Care Tips, please follow us on social at


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Enjoy your summer days! 

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How to measure for Amber Anklet

How to measure for Amber Anklet

What size amber anklet to order.

You want an anklet that is not too loose and not too tight!  Too loose will fall down over the heel.  Too tight and it will not be comfortable.  

Before you purchase, we advise you to measure the ankle and then check our product details.  Have a look at the general guide below but please note ankle sizes vary like shoe sizes! 

Anklets can also be used as bracelets and worn on the wrist.  

How to measure the ankle

Use a flat tape and place around the ankle, just above the ankle bone where you imagine the anklet will fit.  You need to order a little above a flat measurement, about 1 cm to 1.5 cm, to allow for the beads, a bit of movement and maybe a bit of growing room.   

For example: If you get a measurement of 14 cm snug, you'd need to order a 15 cm anklet.  

To see what these lengths will look and fit like on the wearer, you could use a  necklace with small beads and measure against the wearer and on a ruler.  You need to be able to put a little finger into the gap.  

If you don't have a tape, use a ribbon and ruler.  

We are a little generous with our fits.  A 15 cm anklet will measure on a ruler, not pulled taught, at 15 cm to 15.5 cm. 

Anklet Size Guide

12cm   Really tiny ankle

13cm  Tiny ankle fitting between closed finger and thumb

14cm  Getting a little bigger

15cm  Good mid size for 'standard' build ankle

16cm  Getting a bit bigger and filling out

17cm  Chunky ankle

18cm  Good size for a larger ankle, small adult ankle and 'standard' adult wrist

If you need any help to decide what length is best, please do not hesitate to get in touch.  

It is no problem to exchange if you are not happy with the fit.  

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