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Dangle Amber Earrings

The lovely colours and swing of these earrings make them high impact.

Lever back 925 Sterling Silver earrings.
Colour: 3 different coloured Baltic Amber Beads
Setting: 925 Sterling Silver
Length: 43mm.
Size of Amber pieces. 6.5mm X 6.5mm approx.

Like all our Amber Jewelry, these items are 100% genuine Baltic Amber.

These Dangling Amber Earrings feature 3 different colored Baltic Amber Beads hung of 925 Sterling Silver. The Trio of Amber Beads are a natural drop shape, carved and shaped, not pressed amber. Hung on Sterling Silver Lever Backs. A Charming Jewelry Gift. Amber is wonderfully light so these earrings will not weigh you down! Packaged in a classic gift box.

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