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Nugget Bracelet

This chunky Nugget Bracelet is made from large natural amber nuggets, threaded on elastic, with smaller amber spacers in between. There is no mistaking the natural origins. Each piece is unique, it is comfortable to wear as amber gems are light and warm. A real Statement Bracelet. 

  • Colours: Cognac, White, Yellow, Brown
  • Length: ~18cm and 19cm.
  • Weight: ~8g
  • Certificate of Amber Authenticity
  • Elastic

We have a necklace to match.  

All our amber jewelry is made from Baltic amber beads, hand-picked on our travels to the Baltic Sea. When worn against the skin, Baltic amber   can help the body in the same way magnets do by increasing the blood flow.  Known as a bio-stimulant, they can help the body help itself.  

Disclaimer: please note that all information is provided for educational purposed only and is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or care.  

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