International Amber Association Certification - Amber SOS
September 26, 2023

International Amber Association Certification

We are so happy and proud to achieve recommended status and Certification of the International Amber Association.  This comes after much scrutiny by the organisation and confirms that the amber we offer meets all the criteria laid out by the IAA.  This is your guarantee that your amber gems and jewellery are authentic genuine Baltic Amber.  We remain under the supervision of the Association.  

The International Amber Association was founded in 1996.  It's active goals are to the promotion of amber and amber jewellery on an International stage, to disseminate knowledge and educate, protect against false classification, and cooperate in research and ensure sustainable development.  It has 350 individual members throughout the world: designers, jewellery producers, scientists, collectors, traders and people, like ourselves, passionate about amber.  Currently just 45 companies are Recommended Companies of the Association.  

To obtain certification for our company is a very proud moment for us.  It is recognition of the esteem with which our company is held in the amber community.  We are happy to provide proof of this certification with each purchase. Click to see our Certificate. 

We look forward to sharing and collaborating with the organisation and sharing more amber knowledge with you.  Join us in this journey by joining our newsletter list below.  Click to learn more about Baltic amber and the International Amber Association.   


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