Reviews From Happy Customers

Don't just listen to us.  Hear what our customers have to say.  We get a lot of positive feedback from customers.  We detail a few reviews below for your benefit.  

Great Eye For Details - Rasha

Thank you! They are so beautiful, amazing colors!!
Excellent communication, They took the time to answer my questions, handled my hesitation and exchange with no problem, very professional. And on top of that it was so beautifully sent, nice packaging, great eye on details. I will definitely come here in the future to buy more amber.

Great Quality, Fast Shipping - Liz

Beautiful Baltic Amber Beads, great quality! I wish I could leave higher than a 5 star review! I couldn't believe the shipping time! I ordered from multiple stores on the same day for shipping to the US. One of the stores was 3 states away from me, but your order, halfway around the world, arrived 4 days BEFORE their order!

First Class Service - Penny

Thank you Ailish & Ben for another beautiful piece of Amber , and many thanks for drilling a hole through it for me . First class service as usual ,the Amber was carefully wrapped and in an organza gift bag, postage was very quick , My go to shop for Amber, all my purchases have been accurately described and photo's are very good. Shop here with confidence A+++++++++

More Movement - Cindy

This necklace is really helping my stiff shoulder.  I did have trouble reaching for things (like the seat belt) but have more movement with this necklace.  I love this necklace because it is natural looking.  I'm not a 'shiny' person so they suit me.

You truly wanted me to be happy! - Janene

THANKS SO MUCH for such a Beautiful Amber lightweight necklace! You were most helpful and truly wanted me to be Happy with my purchase! And I am, also THANKS for packing it so well! And it arrived in 2 days to the US that was a SWEET SURPRISE! I will be back as soon as I can! MANY MANY THANKS.

Loving this Necklace - Elana

Loving this necklace, pictures do not come close to doing it justice! Arrived sooner than expected considering it had to travel a bit to get to me. I get so many compliments

Tingling in my Hands - Claire

I suffer from fibromyalgia and wearing this bracelet has really helped with the tingling in my hands.  I'm feeling less fatigued, not weighted down so much. 

Top Quality, Fair Prices - Leo 

These are lovely amber pieces I purchased for making jewelry! Super fast delivery and well packaged! Thoughtful communication, great shop, love their amber! It is always top quality and more than fair prices!

Striking in simplicity and beauty - Lori

Unique amber, striking in simplicity and beauty!! This was a gift to a girl that's leaving work, her husband saw it and I had to order one for him!! Super fast delivery, great communication, great packaging!!! Will continue to shop here!!

Much better than expected! - Sarah

Excellent! Much better than expected. I have a herniated disc in my cervical spine and feel a lot of benefit from the amber. Its the only thing that helps my pain.The beads are a beautiful mix of sizes and shapes, and I purchased 2 packets of beads and was able to make 2 necklaces. I made them short so they are above the collarbone. I have a longer necklace but the short ones are perfect because I can wear them to yoga and they don't get in the way. I really love this seller! A++++++

No more Mouth Ulcers - Michael

I got this necklace to see if it would help with my continual, painful mouth ulcers.  I am delighted to say that 2 years later, I have not had one mouth ulcer!  I am back to get more for all the family.  This amber is great stuff!

Way better than shown! - Ronald

Excellent gift item. Way better than shown. Would highly recommend doing business. Will do business again. About as perfect as perfect can get. Quick ship and well packed. Excellent communications.

Exactly what I was hoping for - Gina

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the Amber pieces I bought from you a few days ago.They were exactly what I was hoping for.  I'm sure I'll be back for more soon.  Thanks and very best wishes.

Restored my Sleep - Susan

For years, I've suffered because I can't sleep at night.  This has affected me in so many ways.  So I got an amber bracelet in the Strandhill Market, not sure if it would make any difference.  But this past week, I've been amazed.  I have slept every night this week!  I feel and look much better.  I feel I'm getting a spring in my step again.  I want to tell everyone about how amber helped me!  Thank you very much. 

Sleep Better, Feel Better - June

"Amber can also help adults with pain and stress relief, and it aids restful sleep". This quote made me buy an amber necklace from you and I am pleased to say, 2 months later, that it has been a great investment. I do sleep much better, feel better in myself and I have not suffered any menstrual pain which is a first for me in years. I do believe this is all thanks to the necklace.....Thank you. :-)

I am without any pain! - Aiman

I bought an amber necklace around early July from Amber SOS. I am very happy with it. I will tell you two facts about myself. First, I USED to have headache at least twice a week which requires strong Profen tablets. Second, I HAD a problem to the extent I couldn't chew bread on one side. But, since I got my amber necklace I wear 24/7, and guess what, my headache has gone 100% and I can now chew without any pain. I am thrilled. Some would say this is psychological effect only. I say i don't care!! This amber necklace has changed my life. Millions thanks SOS Amber.

Almost instant relief - Lucy

I "borrowed" my sons necklace one night when my wisdom teeth were growing and was in serious pain - almost instant relief! My son never had any major issues with teething either, cannot recommend them enough!  

A lifesaver! - Orla

My little boy has one and it's a lifesaver!  I'm buying 3 to give to friends.  I did an experiment last week where I left it off for 24 hours.... What a mistake!! I've learned my lesson.

Highly recommend! - Geraldine

I just wanted to thank you for the great customer service. I purchased a replacement necklace and it arrived so promptly.  I strongly believe in the healing power of amber, and my family are testament to that fact.  My husband and I are dairy farmers and we both wear amber bracelets to help with aching bones and muscles.  I am delighted to endorse your product to my circle of friends and work colleagues and have recommended Amber to them on numerous occasions.

Sports Injury Gone! - James

I have broken many bones in my hands from a lifetime playing hurling.  I suffered with constant niggly pain and stiffness because of it.  I also have a plate and 4 pins in my leg and my knees are not great either.  I pay for any extra exertion or even if I am sitting in the car, I get stiff.  But within a few days of putting on this bracelet, I have seen a dramatic improvement.  It has made such a real difference in my life, it's hard to believe it.  I'm delighted that something so simple and reasonable has caused such an improvement.  I'd recommend anyone with any sports injuries to try it for themselves.  

Difference was unbelievable - Olivia

I was totally skeptical but gave it a go, I suffered from crippling migraine and fibromyalgia, it was all I could do to get to the end of the day. After a few days the difference was unbelievable, the pain lessened and the intensity of the migraines halved. I have been wearing the necklace now for years and my quality of life is 100% improved, I lost them for two months and the symptoms returned then disappeared again after a couple of days when I got another one, I can't recommend them enough.

Fantastic service! - Caroline

Just a little note to say thank you so much.  We have recommended you to so many family and friends and will continue to do so!! Thank you for a fantastic service and amazing pieces!!

Less Stiffness - Louise

My granny is wearing the amber bracelet and it is definitely helping her wrists and her hands. My dad and now also my brother-in-law have the cylinder necklace and are both amazed by the difference it's made. Both have neck and shoulder issues and have certainly felt a difference in movement and less stiffness since they got the necklaces. I'm now wearing the necklace I originally got for granny and I'm amazed at the difference it has made to my own neck and shoulders.  The areas of pain have narrowed back into individual muscles rather than total neck and shoulder pain (if that makes sense!).  So Great Granny, Granddad, Uncle, Mum and two sons are all amber diehards now! Thanks again for all your advice and support.

Keeps Eczema  - Rose

My 11 year old daughter has suffered with eczema since she was 2 months old.  We have tried every cream and diet to no avail.  She has been wearing an amber necklace for 5 months now and it has kept the eczema at bay.  When it was mislaid, you could see the eczema breaking out again.  Amber has been the only thing that gave her relief for her eczema.  She couldn't be without it.

95% of the pain has gone - Fergus

I have muscle and tendon damage in my hand and doctors tell me it will take 2-3 years to repair.  It causes shooting pain in my hand and arm.  After 6 weeks wearing an amber bracelet, 95% of the pain has gone. I was not admitting it worked but when I broke it at work, the pain returned within a few days!

Carpal Tunnel - Declan

I met Ben at the strand hill peoples market, we were out browsing & came across amber sos wth the intent of looking for something for my little girl for teething. We got talking & I mentioned I suffered quiet badly from carpel tunnel syndrome, he mentioned another lady who had the same & had purchased amber from him & got quiet a bit of relief from it, so I decided to purchase, at first I was a bit unsure but willing to give it ago..I didn't know if I was benefiting from it as there was still some numbness & tingling in my hands, until one night it fell off while I was training & left it behind me, I went to work the next day & was in agony all day, my friend had lifted my bracelet & brought it to me & I got instant relief. It's not a cure for carpel tunnel but it definitely eases the pain & discomfort, if you suffer from carpel tunnel get some amber off Ben, great job..