Massive Amber Cognac Bracelet

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Certificate of Amber Authenticity from the International Amber Association.

Size: 20cm / 8 inch.
Weight: ~80gr Large
Shape: Long oval shaped flat pieces
Size of pieces: 65mm X 14mm approx.
13 Large piece.

This is a stunning Cuff Bracelet. A dramatic and distinctive jewelry statement. A stylish and sleek piece for the individualist. Truly unique. The combination of colors is unusual in amber. Very warm. Despite its giant size, it is very light to wear. Amber is so light, it can float on salted water. At 80g there is a substantial amount of amber in this bracelet.
A perfect Gift. Amber pieces are large in length with natural edges. They have air bubbles and inclusions which give the amber pieces a glint. Threaded on double elastic. A unique and eye catching large amber bangle.

All our amber is genuine Baltic Amber sourced directly and personally from the Baltic region. Amber is not simply a fascinating and beautiful gem but also has healing properties.