Honey Amber Bracelet

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Honey Amber Bracelet

This stretch bracelet features warm honey color amber beads. A great everyday bracelet to give you your amber boost.  An amber bracelet is a step above your regular jewellery.  It can unleash the power of your body to heal itself.  Explore the highest quality wellness jewellery gifted by nature.

  • Polished Baltic amber beads
  • Threaded on cotton elastic.
  • Comfortable and lightweight to wear.
  • Length: 18cm 
  • Weight: 7g
  • Color: Honey beads.  Current stock had beads a small touch darker than photographed, a little warmer.  
  • Shape: Called baroque beads, they are round, irregular and natural.
  • Approx 25 X Beads: 7mm

All our amber jewelry is made from Baltic amber beads, hand-picked on our travels to the Baltic Sea. Baltic amber beads are well known to benefit when placed against the skin.