Amber Healing Bracelets for Adults

Choose your Healing Amber Bracelet from our extensive collection. Variety of colors and styles to suit everyone.  Natural beaded jewelry with a bonus.  Ease your pain naturally and love your amber!

Beeswax Amber Bracelet
Lemon and Honey Bracelet
€21,30 EUR
€48,00 EUR
Natural Amber Bracelet
Dainty Amber Bracelet
Honey Cylinder Bracelet
Faceted Baltic Amber Bracelet
Fathers Day Special Adjustable Cord Bracelet
Rainbow Gemstone Bangle - Amber SOS
€38,90 EUR €41,00 EUR
€280,00 EUR €330,00 EUR
Sleek Statement Amber Bangle - Amber SOS
from €135,00 EUR