Why Buy From Us?

At Amber SOS, we are dedicated to

                     providing the best Baltic Amber,

                                     at the fairest prices,

                                             backed up by the best service possible.

Sounds corny!  But true.  Our reputation is important to us so we will always do our best for our customers. You can count on the following promises:  

Our Products

Our offering starts with the best products we can get.  We travel to the Baltic several times a year to hand pick our amber.  By doing this, we can stand over the quality.  Over the last 15 years, we have established relationships with amber artisans, experienced and reputable.  They know our high standards.  We are offered the best.  We check and package each order personally.  No middle man.  

Our Pricing

Because of our connections and established business, we have buying power to negotiate good prices.  We pass that on to the customers, only achieving a fair price for ourselves (and the taxman!).  We don't top load prices because we are here to stay.  

Our Service

Our service promise comprises a few elements:

We offer fast shipping.  That means same day dispatch on orders before 2pm.  Over 90% are delivered next day.  International deliveries can take a little longer (we dispatch from our West of Ireland base) but customers always get a pleasant surprise at the speed of delivery.  

We answer your questions.  We deal with any queries, before or after purchase, in an honest and efficient manner and as quickly as possible. We don't hide.  We are just a phone call away.   We try to be friendly too.  

Our Experience

Whatever your amber query, we have answered it!  Over the years, we have positively sought honest feedback from customers about their amber experiences.  So we can pass on this knowledge and experience to our customers.  

Just in case you need a few further reasons to choose us:

  • Returns or Exchanges are not a problem.  
  • Our website is safe and secure.  See the little padlock up on the address bar above?  This means our website is encrypted.  
  • We try to give full and honest descriptions and information.  We're not great at the fluffy sales talk or so good with the honey words.  We like to keep it plain and simple so what you see is what your get! 
  • We are a family owned business, operating from our rural base in Co Mayo.  We are delighted we can live and work in such a beautiful place, working with natural beautiful materials that bring such joy! Shop local!

If you have any questions on any of the above, please get in touch.  Feel free to test us.